By: GTrojan

Helton is a great recruiter and I'm not aware of any Helton "haters" on this board that have not given him credit for his achievements in that area.  Every coach in college football makes mistakes, but I have never seen a post from you that acknowledges any Helton miscues.  If you have, I haven't seen it.

SC has always had good talent compared to the rest of the Pac12.  In Darnold's last year, SC had the worst redzone scoring record in the Pac12 with a qb taken as the 3rd player picked in the NFL draft.  How do you explain that?  You point out, in your post, about all the "true frosh and redshirt frosh" playing key roles.  Yes, there were, and they are doing well IMO, but, with the exception St Brown and Daniels, the bulk were playing on defense.  The defense is a good one and getting better each week.  That's not the case with the offense.  All SC's rbs, Te's, and Wrs are experienced players, with the lone  exception of St Brown, who is playing great.  The OL are all experienced players.  Yet, it's the offense that can't perform to its talent level.  Why is that?  I've finally come to the conclusion it's bad coaching.  I don't see any adjustments made in the play calling to attack the weaknesses of the defense as the game progresses.  To use a term used by another poster on this board, Helton installed his "Prevent Offense" for the entire second half.

I am not a Helton hater, he is a fine man and I want SC to win.  Helton has always stated that he wanted to build a dominant run game. I'm fine with that, but he also needs to build a dominant passing attack.  IMO David Shaw is the second worst playcaller in the Pac12.  In his effort to achieve "Intelligent Brutality" by running the ball consistently on first and second down, he has managed to force his offense to complete every third down pass for his drive to be successful. His win at Oregon was a fluke and ND killed him.  I hope he stays at Stanford forever.  Shaw is also a fine man.

Last night's game was an opportunity for Helton, in the second half, to get Daniels much needed reps in the passing game.  Instead he chose to run the ball into eight man fronts and only pass on third and long when the defense was expecting it.  That is so David Shawish. I'd love for Helton to succeed, but sadly, I've come to the conclusion that he isn't the man for the job.

IMO, you need to remove those Helton colored glasses, and start acknowledging the ample evidence before you of his deficiencies. 

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