Sunday night with Gomer


Clay Helton said the win puts them in control of their own destiny in the Pac-12 South.

“ This is going to be a talented team and I can't wait for people see where we're at in November."

Helton was asked about why they have not put together a 4 quarter game. Helton said he believes in the talent that he has seen on this team, but they need to clean up some things.  He said if you have a clean game, you will have a 4 quarter game and there will be separation.

Helton asking about the bad snapping issues and if he would move Toa Lobehdahn around. "Toa is our center." He says the snaps will be OK, they will fix the low snaps this week. The other fumbled snap was when two men were in motion and they were trying to call timeout.

Helton says BYE week goals: 1) fix mistakes, 2) get ahead for Colorado prep and 3) get the young people involved so they can help in the second half of the season. But he also wants to get some bodies healthy. He feels this is an opportunity to get guys healthy.

Helton was asked what he can do to fix the penalties. They had all three types, decision making, fundamental techniques and administrative (staying onsides). He will show them in the meeting tomorrow and says it is his job to correct it.

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