Calm down.

By: Dr. Spock

First of all, everyone who has brain predicted this. In fact, most Democrat opperatives have been planning on this for weeks now so stop with the dumb "I told ya so" crap.  Everybody knew.

Second, Dude drank lots of beer in College?  Wow.  Say it aint so.  BFD.

Just like all the other lame accusations this is a whole lot of made up bullsh*t. 

Chicks who worship at the Altar of Roe vs. Wade will lie about anything.  It's their religion.  It's like Muslims and Muhammad with them.  Totally unconscious to reality. 

And now all Democrat candidates have to swallow this Giant Abortion Dick to show their allegiance to the Roe vs. Wade God.  F*cking retards.

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