After 42 games, Jim Mora was 31-11.

By: Waldorf

Yeah, no Rose Bowl championships, and only a Pac 12 south title to show for it, but he did have more wins than Gomer and was 2-1 in bowl games.  Plus, his recruting to that point was excellent, including a top 5 class.

My point is that Mora was a shitty coach who had a good record because he had a really good QB to bail him out.  And while Gomer may be a better coach than Mora, that doesn't necessarily mean he's all that good, and there are certainly signs that he is not the right coach for USC.

C'mon, that Arizona team was horrible, and they were playing with a one-legged quarterback.  Any decent head coach, with USC's current talent, wins that game by 21 points easily.  How you can fail to see that is ridiculous. 

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