It was time for Pete to move on.

By: San Clemente

and NO the seahawks did not give him player control that he had demanded to take the Miami job. 


Pete had grown BORED and distracted as USC's head coach.  He had accomplished all his goals. He actually believed that he could create a coaching tree out of sycphants and NOT qualified coaches.  He actually thought Yogi Freaking Roth would be a great head coach someday.  Yogi freaking Roth. He had failed at the NFL and wanted desperately to erase that stain.  I didn't think he would take a gig without player control but it worked out best for him.  


Now Pete's time has run his course at Seattle.  He gave the inmakes the keys to the asylum, and no he can never get that back. He's a norcal libtard.  This will prove to be his downfall. If he could he would probably sign Kaepernick.  


Pete is a great guy. He's had a great career.  He was a great HIRE at USC, at the time.   sc 

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