'You have done damage to the prgram"?

By: the909trojan

I don't know if I should laugh at that comment or what? 


That is either your funniest post ever or, I just don't know what to think. First - it is confirmed so nothing lost there. Second, I don't think any one post on a message board is going to damage a program. A post accusing a player of sexual assault, a post that accuses players of PED use, or coaches paying players - these types of posts that spread vicious rumors could catch fire and maybe get some attention. But a post about a practice schedule that is easily confirmed or denied? How in the hell can that cause damage to the program? LMAO - either we are practicing or we ain't. Helton will prove the answer easily enough.


Come on 66 - a negative post about helton on this board is going to cause damage? If that was the case he would have been fired about 150 times. This past week alone. LOL. It is a legit question about his practice schedule. Period - no more no less. No damage will come from this post. trust me. If he does only have two practices, the damage will be felt on the field. Wow. Just wow.

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