I guess I am sick and tired of the anti

By: USC66

Helton mantra . I don’t care whether we practice twice or 5 times in an off week. This is A beat up team so it makes sense. Is it the right decision. Damned if I know or not but I know this if We win the Shelton Haters will say it was in spite of not practicing enough and if we lose O my god Helton will be vilified as Satan himself. With thexhelton haters and I will take Your word that you are not one anything that he does that doesn’t fit the narrative Is disregarded. Two years ago a lot of people hated the hire and have absolutely refused To give any credit for the successes we have had not o my they viscously attack over Perceived failures . The. They have the guts to say they are not haters. Rank hypocrisy.
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