I have given Helton credit

By: the909trojan

I thought at the time that the Rose Bowl win was great and overall we had a pretty good season. I didn't care if we gave up 7 straight TD's - it was a fun game to watch as a fan and we won. So I didn't care. The season overall couldn't be great because we got boat raced by Bama on national tv. But we finished strong. Last year it was very clear that the PAC was down, and we lost badly to Ohio State, which did a lot to negae the good will from the Stanford wins. And f course a bad loss to the Irish was not a good feeling. I am concerned as I watch the team play that Darnold really did cover up for a multiple of sins with his ability to improvise. I see that the program so far is getting progressively worse since the Rose Bowl season. I don't think our offensive schemes and play calling have ever been good under Helton. Ditto the O line. I think he has a lot to improve upon and I wonder how much time it will take before we stop getting our asses whooped by elite teams. Helton came in with few credentials to be the head coach so he is going to be judged accordingly - it's the nature of the beast.


He's not nearly as bad as the anti- Helton crowd claim he is. I agree with you there. Sometimes it gets a bit old, even for me. That said, he's not nearly as good as you seem to believe he is. I personally think he could end up being Larry Smith caliber - when he gets the recruits he will have some 10-3 seasons and overall be a 9 win type of coach. If he doesn't get the recruits and the PAC fails he might very well tank. btw at USC right now it is hard not to get recruits, so i predict if he stays 3 more years his win average will be 9 games. IF anything he might be Kirk Ferenz level. He will lose most of the big non conference games because he doesn't know how elite teams practice or play. How can he? Western kentucky and later the weirdo kiff and lazy sark were his mentors. Can't fault a guy for not knowing what a winning program is when he has never been around a top notch winning program. SC used to be a winning program, but since PC left it's like the pretty actress who has aged. Every now and again she comes across as her old self, but she's lost her touch and glamour.

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