That is a terrible stat

By: bigballss

I didnt realize that. Doesnt shock me, it seems we have had that problem forever. Pete powered thru it, hackett was doomed by it, helton so far is 24 and 8 in those 32 penalty filled games. Now that surprises me, that his teams can overcome all those penalties and still win. Saturday may be the best example. I went 100% tourettes in the 2nd half. tics and "shit" "fawks" and all. I was pissed initially at the coaches and players but those ref's were dishonest. I know rah rah excuse. No this stat is not the worse. Margin of loss against elite competition is the stat that clay needs to change. That one is a water drip on my forehead. You had a long and depressing stat line a few days ago that was more damning in my opinion.

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