Thats the stat line that really bothers me

By: bigballss

in 2001 or maybe 2002 we are playing the irish at the coliseum..the game seems to be turning our way and to this point we don't beat the irish very often, even at home..i think we had lost 3 in arow including Petes debut the year before in south bend. Somehow about 10 or so Irish fans got tix in the SC section.. as the game begins to turn our way I say out loud enough for them to hear, 'They are ready to fold" (yes im a dick in person too, but those are horrible people). One of them turns around and says, "we are Notre dame, we don't fold"... and then they folded, haha, in a big way..we blew them out that day by 30 points or that used to be me up unti, recently, we are SC we don't get blown out.  and then we started getting blown out. Now THAT bothers me. 

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