It is an indication that we are irrelevant

By: NYTrojan

from a national perspective.  

When we play a well ranked team, we lose.  Often badly.  Oh sure we can win a few in a bad P12 (and holy hell is the P12 down this year!)  but test yourself against a real team and you get blown out.

Since being named coach, Helton is 3-6 against G5 OOC opponents, with all 3 victories coming inside Los Angeles.  He has never defeated an OOC opponent in a stadium located farther away than Pasadena.  In those 9 games he has been outscored 217-326 for an average score of 24 to 36, which is to say we are averaging a double digit loss in G5 OOC games.  We have never held a G5 OOC opponent to fewer than 23 points under Helton.

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