Some parts of Long Beach are cool.

By: Waldorf

Kinda hip, lots of fun bars, etc.  Probably not where Java was, though. 

I remember I took one of those Super Shuttle vans from the airport, without making a reservation.  Mistake.  It was late, and I just wanted to get to Seal Beach, where I was staying with a friend.  So I took one that had to make several stops along the way. 

The driver pulled into this really shitass neighborhood in Long Beach, really bad, like something out of the movies only worse.  The driver turned into the cul-de-sac to drop off one passenger, and someone fired a gun at the end of the street.  The driver refused to drive in any further, and the passenger read him the riot act, saying he was going to report the van, the driver, etc., then he grabbed his luggage and walked down the block.  I remember being glad the driver was smart enough to just say "Fuck this!"

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