Been following this thread and you guys are nuts.

By: Dr. Spock

Allmost clueless. 

Yes, Wilmington and the surrounding area is a sh*thole but that's because of LA Harbor. The area is just like any other major Harbor in the civilized world: a huge commercial zone with an enormous transitory population.  Ships, trains, and trucks coming and going 24 hours a day.  With the transitory population comes the cheap run down tenements, sleezy bars, bad strip clubs, prostitutes, and drug dealers. 

Teamsters gotta drink & sailors gotta hump.  The same as it's been for about 5,000 years now.

The Harbor is huge.  Probably about 60% of everything that comes from Asia to the USA comes through the Harbor: cars from Japan and South Korea, cell phones and electronics from Red China. 

ALL that sh*t is shipped in universal shipping conatiners.  Containers that fit perfectly on truck trailers.  But, the trailer has to be unloaded from the ship first.  Stevedores (a fancy, Spanish word for guys who unload ships) operate the machineary to remove the trailers frpm the ships.  They are unionized.  The average starting salary for an LA Harbor Stevedore is around $179,000 a year.  Very few Stevedores live in Wilmington. 

About 40% of the containers get placed on trains heading east.  But most of the containers (about 60%) are placed on trucks.  Trucks that are driven by the Teamsters.  Not sure off hand what they're hourly wage is to drive containers out from the Harbor but I'm sure it's impressive.  Oh, and if you want to move somethng out the Harbor?  You have to hire the Teamsters and pay their rate.  You got no choice.

So yeah, there is a huge amount of money coming into the Harbor but most of it doesn't stay there and the local population suffers.

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