Here is the deal with UCLA

By: Art_Vandalay

of course my post was a joke... not sure if people understood it was a joke but whatever. 

There was a very very small part of me thought thought maybe Chip was that good he could win with no talent.  

Let's be honest:

1. Lets assume our QB has a lot of talent.  He's 18... He misses wide open guys, throws behind them, etc.  Rosen would be 2-2 with Chip at least.  

2.  Are any of our running blacks good?  They seem OK to me.  WR's?  OK.  Our OL is a joke but a little better than I expected.  This is a very young team with low talent level.

3. On defense, we lost our best LB and we were already weak there.  Our DL is below average.  I like that kid Pickett.  He can hit hard.  


End of the day, this UCLA team sucks.  I think they are the 3rd youngest team in the NCAA.  That's pretty young.

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