Good news about the Zona win

By: Conquest2000

If you read Usc fan reaction on Twitter then Swann will be forced to take action if we have another game like that. 90% want Helton and/or multiple assistants shit canned. You maybe surprised to hear this from me but maybe not fire Helton but a total cleaning house of the assistants. We may lose a great recruiter in Tee Martin but what’s the use of having a great recruiter if the talent regresses under his coaching. Calloway is for sure a dead man walking, BKU is also on the ropes. Same story as Tee, can bring in the guys but they don’t develop. Make Helton a figure head do not allow him near the players. Put him on a scissor lift with a megaphone during practice and pray for sudden tornado lthe way Tater Tot did in Declan. Let the assistants do the coaching. We should not hire a single person Helton recommends
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