Sure worked for Brian Kelly

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Thought a couple years ago he dumped a bunch of his assistants and replaced them with great candidates...also guys like Saban lose a bunch of assistants either by them moviing up or moving out and he just keeps rolling...I recommended a few changes last year to his staff...doesn't mean everyone has to go just a few...he could have let Tee go since he did have a few folks interested in hiring him...he could have let Callaway go by retiring him...he could have let Bradford go by simply firing his ass...should have never hired the GA as his QB. coach...and we find out in the last couple of weeks that BKU had been living off the GA assistant who is now the DL Coach at Illinois...and many suspect thats why with all the talent in the DL they can't seem to get a rush...all in all he could have made it a grdual turnover...those guys last year and guys like Baxter and Clancy this year...and in two years he would have had a completely new staff...

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