Didn't ban him

By: Java

Banning people requires I email Java Jr and he and I haven't chatted in months.


Crunch is a weird Nazi.  He shows up, seems reasonable for a time.  Starts going off topic.  Ges fascinated with Churchill, Hitler, and this time Armstrong.  At some point is caught in a lie or two.  Can't get over the USC underwear wedged up his butt and then explodes.  Perversions, personal info, f bombs.  Obessions with body parts and functions.   

Usually manages to disappear before he can be banned and then reappears some time later.


I am guessing this time he will reappear under a new nick either when Helton totally implodes and shows up as a "see I told you so" guy.  Or will show up again when USC puts together a 6-7 game winnng streak and he can bask in the glow of that and USC's medicore engineering school and it's supposed luminescence


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