Conky memo to Helton’s critics

By: USC66

1. USC Ned’s stability more than anything else re it head football coach after the Kiffin/sark disasters. 2. Firing a coach with Helton’s record would make USC the laughing stock of college Football. 3. Despite the infants on this board, the adults in Heritage Hall have zero desire to fire The coach now. 4. What would it take to fire Helton. He would have to go 4-8 or worse for that to happen. 5. The adults in Heritage Hall realize this is a young team with a huge upside. 6. Firing Helton now would be two steps backward to go one step forward. 7. Helton and his staff have increased the talent level while getting younger. Some of What you see are growing pains. 8. WHO is USC going to hire that is an upgrade. Saban, Meyer and Dabo aren’t coming. Do you have a hotshot assistant who is a can’t miss coach, if so name him and We can’t talk. 9. Make sure you want what you wish for because you might get it. 10. 30-12, Rose Bowl win, conference championship, back to back double digit win Seasons, 3 straight top 5 recruiting classes, beating Pederson on the road , Beating Franklin in the Rose bowl, splitting with a Herman, besting Shaw twice last Year and you guys are whining. And I thought Schumer and Pelosi were whiners
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