Well let me start

By: Old Hickory Trojan

First of all without Helton demanding it Clancy would not be playing underclassmen why you ask because reason number two ...his defense is complicated and he thinks the youngsters don't pick it up very quickly...in fact he is on record of saying it takes about three years to fully grasp what he wants to do... third he hates recruting and only gets involved when forced to by Helton or when the kid is on campus and he has time for it. So those are a couple reasons but let me add a few others...his guy Bradford is a terrible coach but Clancy and him get along and he thinks like Clancy about recruiting....lastly is just my personal beef, I don't like his 2-5 defense...I think it stinks when you look at the talent stashed in the defensive line prospects...and I don't care for his approach on seniority over talent ( may relate to his 3 years to learn their position)...that about does it...of course you can look at the defensive stat at USC and see his defenses never appear up near the top..

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