Hear the story of how Lane Kiffin became a coach

By: NYTrojan

from his roomate David Carr.


This story is HILARIOUS.  It is exactly what you think it would be.  

Lane was a 5th year senior quarterback at Fresno State who was getting frustrated that he was losing reps to this freshman David Carr.  So he comes out on the practice field one day in shorts and a T Shirt.  O Coord Jeff Tedford asks "what are you doing?"

"Well you're just going to give all my reps to Dave so I figured I shouldn't bother suiting up"

"Get off my field"

So Lane leaves, quit the team right?  Monte Kiffin calls Fresno State within 30 minutes... he's not having this.  Next thing you know Kiffin is back on the practice field in shorts and a T shirt as the teams WR coach.  

Dude failed upward using daddy's name from day one.

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