Actually several hs did

By: Java

Wanna know what that pays? $2,000 a semester. I didn’t coach for money. For my kids. No way I’m spending a whole semester with a bunch of kids I dont know. Maybe some day Not now Yeah kids came from all over this area. Couple from the inland empire. “We was good”. But that’s past. Nice you want to talk about me and my hs Days. You want to talk about them more than me. I enjoyed college more. Soccer-it’s funny that you don’t understanded. Reading comp problems apparently. It’s not that hard. I went to 2 hs. Technically 3 actually. I suppose technically I went to two colleges too. That’s beyond your level Speaking of which. Keep making excuses for why you’re an expert on all things usc but never bother showing up “it’s better on tv” is your latest
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