I think it's a split decision

By: the909trojan

But on the coaching topic, I would bet my homes on the fact that a poll of current D1 coaches would pick Petersen as the better coach. Guaranteed.


Athlon - CP 4th, Helton 38th

Sporting News - CP 7, Helton 18th


CBS Sports top 25 - CP 4th, Helton UR


24/7 top 25 - CP 4th, Helton UR


TBL top 10 - CP 4th, Helton UR


Taking an independent point of view, it's pretty clear that CP is consistently rated as a better coach than Helton. Not even sure how anyone can argue the point - unless their cardinal and gold glasses are a little too tinted. It's not a dig on Helton, just acknowledging that CP is a very good coach.




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