She did, lower division but

By: the909trojan

she did well. Set some school records and was a bigger fish in a small pond. She had interest from and might have received a schollie from wisconsin but she signed at a smaller local school early on. After the season the Coach got fired and some changes happened and my kid spent a year at juco and then finished at a private school in tejas.

I quit coaching when she turned 16 so that she could get better, top level coaching that would get her a schollie. On the teams that I coached I would say just over half played in college, but that was at 16u. On her 18u gold team all the kids got scholies. By comparison her HS team won the California State title - large school - and around a third of those kids got schollies. At the gold level travel ball it is very close to 100, at the lower levels it is still over 75%. Or at least it was. In So Cal. I can't speak for outside Cali. My neice was one of the better players in the northwest - played Shortstop like my daughter - and didn't get a sniff from any D1 but did sign with a small school as well. She played in Washington, and the level of play there is not as good. Probably one to two steps below So Cal gold. 

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