Get your facts straight quit making

By: Old Hickory Trojan

shet up...first Houston was not that talented...they went 8-5 the previous two seasons and did not beat one top ranked team in either of those years.....and in under Herman went 13-1 and 9-3 as a lame duck coach...beating 6  top ranked teams over the two year you get it...something they never did the two years before Herman got to say he inherited a loaded team is rediculous...especually compared to what Helton inherited at USC...or Herman at Texas...I reveiwed those rosters at USC and Texas last year looking at the number of four and five stars on the 2017 teams...and USC was loaded and Texas not even close...Herman is rebuilding Texas...Helton had talent from the get go...and you want to diminish what Herman is doing...get real..

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