10 MOST disappointing TEAMS....

By: ElTrojan


Three from PAC 12 but why not OUR Bruins from the Univesity of Westwood who are 0-5?? Why not???


Ranking college football's 10 MOST disappointing teams




Here are 10 picks for teams that are in a disappointing place after six weeks of college football.




Boise State






North Carolina. 


Stanford, PAC 12


Arizona, PAC 12 


Michigan State




Florida State






If not for a schedule shuffling that slapped Bethune-Cookman onto the schedule Oct. 27, a winless Scott Frost season would be a legitimate possibility at this point. This was not the homecoming Frost, or Nebraska fans, wanted but there are years to build and reshape the program. An 0-5 start is horrible, but means little in the big picture. UCF, under George O’Leary, went 0-12 in 2015. Frost had them 13-0 two years later. 


But yes, there have been other disappointing signs and departures out of Lincoln. Tristan Gebbia leaving after the loss to Adrian Martinez in a quarterback battle left the Huskers with a walk-on for multiple games. And now, former All-American Tyjon Lindsey is off to Oregon State while one of the most-hyped players of the offseason - Greg Bell - is already done. 


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