Because they can throw it

By: Java

Anywhere and didn't always release within 2 seconds.  That was to establish a short passing game in lieu of a run game.  You don't play on the line as a corner unless you think you can run backwards faster than he can run forward, to quote old Coach B.    You also do it if you have LB or safety help and you plan to jam people.  I don't see that much anymore.  Not sure if the rules changed that or not.    I miss DB's gettin gup in WR faces and putting them on the ground.  Jamming routes.  Screwing up timing of the offense  I am sure there's a reason.  Maybe all these hitches they run would be PI if you're all over a WR these days.  Or maybe they'd call it defensive holding.  I don miss seeing a DB slam a WR to the groudn and then get on top of him.  Sadly they are selling the game to women and the uninformed.  And TV.  

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