coupla things...

By: Contrarian

I do think everything about USC is ridiculous right now... Overly politically correct, no due process, etc...but.

Bolden did threaten a number of female volleyball players.  He said he did it once, most reports said he did, then went back and did it again.  Never touched anyone however, was probably as he said just trash talking, and it was alcohol fueled.  

Bubba also had 26 reported complaints lodged against him to student housing authority.  

He was pretty much a bad seed.  Plenty of pics of him flashing signs while in high school..etc.   Came across more-or-less like a thug.  The thing is, one major scare with a significant punishment attached would likely have been enough for him to fly straight.  For instance, Joe Mixon as a freshman at Oklahoma brutally cold cocked a female on camera, breaking several bones in her face.  He was given a one year suspension, which punished him and sent a strong message.  No problems after that. 

That will never be the case with zero tolerance USC however.


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