Corrupt officiating in the Pac-12?

By: Dr. Spock

Iterestingly, this is about the WSU at USC game a couple of Fridays ago.  There was an obviously helmet to helmet trageting on USC's QB and both the field refs and the refs in the booth wanted to call it targeting and boot the WSU player but a "third party" at Pac-12 headquarters intervened and said no to the targeting.

Later in the game, a close targeting call on Gustin was not called, but at least the refs on the field made that decision with no interference from Pac-12 headquarters in San Francisco.

It's from Yahoo so you have to take it with a grain of salt but it sure looks like someone in San Francisco did not want to kick WSU's defender out of the game and bent over backwards to do it, overruling the field refs and the replay refs.

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