exactly Tee nailed it. This is not

By: Conquest2000

about USC this is about someone leaking this report to make Larry Scott look bad.  I would love to see the report on the non call on Gustin.  This will be the first in a series of drip drips giving the world a behind the curtain picture of how the pac 12 operates and how just fucked up it is.   

I would say the pac 12 presidents are starting to get perturbed by Scott and they are laying the ground work for a reason to fire his ass.  Scott's business plan is one of patience even though every single solitary projection and promise he has made has been off target.  Now luckily for Scott the media landscape is changing so rapidly and in such a way that it is turning, how we view and will view sports in the future, on its ear, that Scott can hide behind that fact when the Pac 12 Presidents complain.   Scott actually does have some cover there, until more dominoes fall, and somone is able to consolidate the streaming services into packages that are easier to purchase, Scott can continue to preach patience and say give me time until things shake out.   HOWEVER, there is no cover if more stories like this surface about the utter incompetence of the PAC 12 operations.   Don't be surprised if Kavanaugh like allegations surface about Scott, which will probably be 1000% true.  All Network Executives sexually harrass women or their side piece gay lover, instead of beer for Scott it will be cocaine. 

I bet a dollar that, when Power 5 league revenue and disbursement projects and real numbers are released in early summer 2019, Larry gets shit canned.  especially if a non power 5 conference comes out with numbers that are within 50% of pac 12 numbers which is a real possibility.  The Pac 12 makes money but is saddled with so much liability from the operating costs of the pac 12 network it is an untennable situation, especially given the fact that all reports show there is zero equity being gained from wholly owning your own network and all the content.  Don't be surprised if Pac 12 renvenue projects are released on July 3rd, or the Friday before Memorial day, the Friday before the US Open Golf Tournament, other big summer sporting event, or during the middle of the NBA Finals, maybe even at the start of NFL training camps so there is lots of other noise and no traction for the story.

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