Is this the targeting non-call?

By: Waldorf

It's unreal how often the Pac 12 officials fuck this up.  They call targeting when it isn't, and they don't call targeting when it clearly is -- which was clearly the case in this game; both WSU defender Tago and USC LB Porter Gustin were clearly guilty of targeting.  Gustin is going to turn a lot of brains into mush, including his own.  Funny how Clementine never comments about this; he only whines about "dirty" Bruins.  What a cunt. 

Those who say this was a non-call "make up call" are probably right.  I guess two wrongs really do make a right in the Pac 12.

I don't know how any of these slapdicks employed by the Pac 12 still have jobs, let alone Larry Scott. 

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