My idea was based on

By: Java

Cutting out all PAC.  If the PAC-12 teams were free to play USC< then for sure.  UCLA and Cal and Stanford would play USC every year.  In fact, I'll humor it and say USC would play Cal or Stanford every year and it would be semi annual.  UCLA annual.  


USC at that point would probably schedule occasional games with Utah, Colorado, the AZ schools.  The Northwest can go jump in a lake as far as I am concerned.  


Lock up the USC schedule with ND, UCLA, Cal/Stanford and now you have about 9 games to choose from.  Let's think.


BYU, UNLV, Fresno, SDSU, New Mexico and State.  Utah State/Colorado State, a Big Ten team like Illiinois.   A Big 12 game like a Baylor or TCU or OK OSU.  An SEC game here and there.  A service academy.  Definitely Hawaii because it's a free game on the road, a 13th game.  And like an extra bowl for the kids.  USC should play Hawaii at least once every 4 years and plenty on the road since its a free game.  


Lot of teams USC can play to fill those 9 games.  Can always throw an Idaho, Wyoming, Utah State or some other sacrificial lamb or two on there beginning of September.  

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