Thoughts on Talent

By: NYTrojan

Let's look back at the recruiting classes that this team is composed of:

2018:  True Freshmen - #3 class in the nation

2017:  Sophomores - #6 in the nation

2016:  Juniors - #10 in the nation

2015:  Seniors - #1 in the nation

2014:  Redshirt Seniors: #10 in the nation


Not a single year did this USC squad recruit worse than 10th in the nation.  Not once.  

To put that in perspective, over the same timeframe the best Notre Dame ever did was 11th.  They haven't recruited better than we have once this entire time.  And yet who here thinks we will even be competitive with them this Thanksgiving weekend?

No team that has beaten us this year has recruited as well as we have.  We beat them head to head every year.  ASU hasn't done better than 20th.  Utah hasn't done better than 25th.  Stanford is sitting on a series of 19s.  

"But NYT, recruiting is an inexact science"

but it is still a science.  If you are consistantly at the top of recruiting you can afford the 2 or 3 busts because on average most will work out if you are developing them.  Here is a list of the teams that have recruited in USC's league on the last 5 years.

1.  Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Georgia

5. Michigan

6. LSU

7. Florida State


Only ONE of those schools isn't excellent this year, and would you consider Florida State well coached?  If you recruit the way USC recruits you should expect to be a top 10 team.  You should expect 7-1 with maybe a hiccup/growing pains game somewhere along the way.  There is something very very wrong if you're hitting 4-4.  Something you can't blame on lack of incoming talent anymore.  


There is simply no excuse for a team with those recruiting classes to be

117th in 3rd down conversion percentage (33%!!!)

116th in rushing offense

115th in red zone conversions

103rd in total offense

82nd in scoring offense

78th in scoring defense

DEAD LAST (tied at 123) in interceptions


It is, simply put, insane how poorly we are underperforming with an absolutely massive talent advantage.  You simply cannot ignore the fact that coaching is to blame.  Even if we were having some growing struggles, those numbers with those recruiting classes are so far off that you simply cannot blame the kids.  I mean my goodness, CAL has a better record than USC at this point.  

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