We get good OL

By: Conquest2000

We have like 10 4 star OL on our roster

OL is about two things, keeping numbers (you have 5 starting spots, and have to keep up with injury and attrition) and then there is the development aspect.  You are not going to recruite 5 parade all americans every year so you have to develop kids.   We fail miserable on both fronts.  Check out our OL recruiting and who is left

2018 2 OL (ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  This was by choice, and knowing we lost 2 starters from the 2014 class, Brown AND Price, and we only sign 2!!!  This will bite us in the ass in the coming years)

2017 4 OL (1 guy not on the roster)

2016 3 OL (1 guy not on the roster)

2015 3 OL (1 guy not on the roster)

2014 6 OL (three guys were not on the 2018 roster)

Thats a total of 18 total recruits, we lost 6 before the season even started (for various reasons), leaving us 12 plus walk ons to compete for starting positions, conduct competitive practices and be developed, all the while staying healthy, keeping up grades and keeping their noses clean.  12 scholarship OL for 12 week FBS season is a completely absurd.  15 OL and 12 DL, 27 to 30 roster spots should be the OL/DL. 


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