I'm not complaining or whining at all

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I'm posting what I said last year and part of the year before and I've been validated in my evaluation with the movemen we are witnessing...th part you don't goe and 66 don't get is I care about USC to the point that I get pissed when I see a lack of effort b the coaches and the players, a lack of knowledge by the coaches, a lack of being willing to fit round pieces into round holes rather then trying to force them into square holes which Helton and his staff have tried to do with kids that deserve better...so I can't say I'm happy about losing games but I sure the hell am happy that there is change coming that might fix that.....

while you on the other had along with 66 are deniers and enablers by your lack of willingness not to criticize when it's due or even admit there is anything wrong...that is the worst kind of USC fan in my judgement...willing to accept mediocrity or less is not what a "real" Trojan should put up with IMHO...but lie I said I'm happy t see change...you are still in the dark and don't bleive this could be a good thing.

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