Tuesday evening, Lynn Swann joined Trojans Live, USC Athletics’ official weekly radio show, to set the record straight about Helton’s hot seat. There isn’t one, according to the third-year athletic director. He told co-hosts Jordan Moore and John Jackson that he thinks the program is in good shape.

“I believe in Clay Helton,” Swann said. “I like the position he takes. Clay is passionate in what he does, and Clay is honest and real.”

When asked about the evaluation points an athletic director must have when looking at USC’s performance on the field, the former Pittsburgh Steeler cited Helton’s ability to deal with adversity, including the nine-game winning streak to end 2016, recruiting success and the wealth of injuries the 2018 has endured to this point.

“We always evaluate across the board,” Swann said. “I have confidence in Clay. I think he’ll keep this team on track. He’ll get it back on track this week and we’ll continue to progress. We have a chance to finish our season strong.”

“You don’t get back into the biggest prizes over night,” Swann said. “It’s a process. People want to believe after our scholarship reductions […] that suddenly USC would be at the pinnacle of collegiate football. But the reality is it takes time and its a process. And I think we’re headed down the right track in this process.”

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