Trusted until Sacked

By: Rodeo Trojan

A saying from a long time ago.

While Helton is still coach, say nice things about him.

As has been seen in the past, tarmacking and mid-season firings lead to  panic hirings.

It is better to just bite the bullet  for this season. Then make a serious search and do it  right this time.

It is possible that quiet feelers are being sent as you read this.

I would assume that victories over Oregon State, California and UCLA are expected and in  themselves not contribute to a decision to keep Helton. A loss to one (or more) of these teams would probably contribute to a non-renewal of Helton's contract. Losses to two or all three of these teams woud make  the hotseat nuclear.

A victory over Notre Dame would contribute to Coach Helton's renewal as football coach next  year.

Once  this season comes to an end, then I  would assume the decision will  be made.


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