Why would tarmac firings lead to panic hires?


Twice in the last 5 years, SC had a head start on the field in evaluating and interviewing the available head coaching candidates around the country.  The first "nationwide coaching search" produced Seven Win Sark.  Apparently the only other guy who got an interview was Chris Petersen, whom Haden rejected out of hand.  Yeah, they could have hired Orgeron, and yeah, Haden fucked him over, but how many of you were sold on Ed O as the long-term solution in 2013?   I thought at best he could hire a top-notch staff and be a CEO, but I was in favor of looking outside and bringing in someone good.  Not Sark.  If you run into my daughter in Boston, ask her about my reaction when she gave me the news.


Then in 2015, Haden really screwed the pooch.  Of course, by then he had totally checked out.  I seriously doubt he interviewed anyone.  Maybe Lopes talked to a few people, but not Haden.  And based on nothing in particular (what, a 5-2 record with a loss to Notre Dame?) Haden concluded that the right man for the job was right under his nose.  What good fortune. 


So, no, Sark and Helton weren't panic hires.  They were lazy hires.  Stupid hires.  Haden had the luxury of time, a plum job to fill, and crapped out both times because he had no idea what he was doing.  Hiring football coaches ain't gladhanding; it takes work.

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