That was a bunch of crock

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Swann apears to be another Haden ...someone inform him the sanctions are way gone and his roster has 54 players on it that were 4 and 5 stars in HS and haven't developed and his OC is a retard and his DC has a defense so complicated it takes three years to learn it....injuries and again a bunch of crock...every team has injuries but great teams playy through them...does he even look at the little things like the playcalling ,, the lack of execution, the poor tackling, the lack of coverage skills by the DB's the lack of a pass rush by all world HS DL's....looks to me like he's another mouth piece that has not been watching if he really beleives the shet he just handed out...he certinly doesn't have a Chuck Knoll working for him...and ya Heltn is a great guy....geez.

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