Ever think that the obvious has risen

By: Torpedoman

to the top of the Helton conversation? It is not necessarily that 4-4 record as much as it is actually become common knowledge, especially on social media, not to even mention as to what we're seeing every weekend for lets just say. the past couple of seasons..Point being that we are no wheres being OR becoming near to a NC caliber style of team! We still get great recruits (accept for the OL) but they are for the most part not progressing to NC caliber players. Many are actually regressing! Now there are decommits happening, the fawking kids out there can even see that much of the coaching here is below what they were even getting in high school. We get on TV to the nation and have been thoroughly thrashed double digits of times embarrassing scores and performances. The only thing special these days regarding national respect is what we were, not what we're becoming under Helton and his cast of nobody's. There is not one honest person that participates on this bbs that can actually say that we are anywhere close to a NC under the current coaching staff! Few can even compare winning the PacSouth to anything special. But you can all pretty much agree that we will continue to "fundamentally" shoot ourselves in the foot with double digit penalties, we will lose the 3rd down matchups most of the time, we will be outscored in the Q3 weekly, we will have abused our time outs quota before we desperately need them,  we will play down to every opponnent that we're supposedly favored to beat and that our style of play is possibly the softest in the conference. These guarantees, show most obviously what a massively under disciplined, coached or prepared team we really are. I can honestly say that imho Clay would have never gotten that extension and would probably already be coaching the QB's at some D-ii college had it not been for Sam who carried his water those years. BTW.. all the cliche excuses.. It's on me, It will get fixed this week, We'll straighten this out once we get a look at the film, I love these great young men, We are family, I'm very happy with our progress despite the injuries... yada yada.. are all what Clay has to say to get through the pre/post game interviews to appease the fan base. He's full of crap, his handicapped knowledge level has been definitely found out and any success he's seen here since being handed the keys is simply thanks to the individual efforts of the great athletes that he's basically letting down.. and they do deserve better because We Are SC and they entrusted their athletic futures in us!   

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