Here is what happened don clark was the

By: USC66

Coach who followed Jess Hill. USC, UCLA and Washington were hit with severe sanctions. One was seniors could only play 5 games their senior year. In Don Clark ‘s first year USC Went 1-9. 8-2 his last year. However thst was the year Mike McKeever was accused of Intentionally breaking Tom Bates jaw with a late hit. Cal went bonkers and accused USC if dirty play. The hit was not dirty but that didn’t matter. Clark resigned at the end of the Year saying the family business needed him to take over. A lot of people felt he was Pissed that the university failed to back him and McKeever and that played a Part of his decision. We will never know but it was a real big deal back then. Cal was Cal what can I say. Funny thing is USC never gets McKay if that didn’t happen. McKay Would likel have succeeded Casanova when he retired at Oregon
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