By that logic, 1996 had a ton of talent

By: NYTrojan

I mean my goodness.  In 95 USC went 9-2-1. So 1996 had to be loaded.  Nevermind they lost tremendous players like Keyshawn Johnson and Darrell Russell.  95 had a good record so 96 had great talent too.  Done.  

Or hey!  By that logic THIS team has gobs of talent too right?  So you can't blame the players anymore can you?

You see?  This is what I mean when I say you are simple.  You look at the absolute least amount of information and base everything on that.  

Nearly every major contributor on that 8-2 squad left the team .  The quarterback, runningback (at least the main ones, 11 RBs had more than 10 carries in 1960) and Wrs were all new and largely untested.

And it's not like recruiting had gone well.  The players that came to SC came during 1-9 and 4-5-1 years.  McKay built that up from scraps.  

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