people drop dead every single day

By: San Clemente

and not just in football.  Sometimes it's at soccer camp.  Sometimes is running track. Sometimes it's playing basketball etc. 


It just freaking happens.  People throw up at workouts al the time.  


Something goes wrong with the metabolism.  If you notice somone has stopped sweating , you are probably too late. 


Do you think Frank Cush didn't have tougher practices than this Maryland coach?  Really?  How about Bear Bryant or JK McKay? 


Sure coaches and trainers should be instructed on early signs of heat stroke, and believe it or not a tub of ice water would probably have saved this kids life.  So is everyone going to bring a tub of ice water to every practice in every sport in America when it's warm outside?  Really.  


Why not just cut out all endurance sports and wrap everyone cotton candy 24-7.


Kids can't even bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwitch to school anyone.  This country is so fawked.  sc 



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