Did you ever meet John McKay?

By: Contrarian

Please indulge me in my reflecting back on years gone by....

First...i see what you are saying in your post.  There is no comparison at all between the two men.  The alpha-male thing got me thinking thinking back about 45-50 years.  Although true on the football field , it wasn't how he came across off it in my one meeting with him.

When I was 17 or so, I got stuck setting up a Ventura County Trojans club meeting.  My dad and everyone else was either working late or didn't want to be bothered by the logistics, so it was on me....I drove to Moorpark college, unlocked the doors, set up the chairs, Mic, refreshments..etc.  John McKay got there about 45 minutes early, not hitting as much traffic as expected.  His designated driver for the evening was his best friend Craig Fertig.  Both were outfitted in the classic cardigan sweater look that was popular back in the day. I was stuck keeping them company for a while and of course talking USC football..particularly about hot-shot high school football running back recruits i had run against in track the season before...Alan Carter and Anthony Davis (McKay thought Carter was going to end up being better).

During the conversation, John, who was about 6-7 inches shorter than me, was telling one humorous story after another.  Craig was too.  I was the young dork laughing my head off.  That carried on after the crowd arrived and he started to tell his Paul Bear Bryant stories (I think he said Paul's living room was the size of the coliseum or something like that), along with some experiences about being a tailgunner on B-29's during world war II.   

I'm sure John was an alpha male, but in a casual setting his looks and personality did not quite radiate that.  He was funny, sarcastic, and charismatic.

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