I just wish he'd recognize that.

By: NYTrojan

You know what?  There is nothing wrong with being a 'rah rah, I'm pulling for the team and live in the moment.  I'm not worried about winning for years, I want to go to the games, eat my BBQ, have fun at my tailgate and root for the boys, quit raining on my parade' kind of guy.

Just don't pretend that you're looking at this with anything resembling an objective viewpoint.  That you have any ground to stand on when the discussion comes to whether they are playing well or changes need to be made.  You aren't looking deep enough to even know.  You go the same way people go to see a superhero movie.  To be awed and kill a few precious hours.  And that's okay.  Nothing wrong with that.  Just recognize it for what it is.

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