I know as much about college football as

By: USC66

Most of the guys l on this board do. I played the game thru junior college and have Watched all levels for 60 plus years. Never coached but I understand the game. I am simply astounded by people who want to fire a coach whose first two years Produce back to back 10 plus win seasons, a great Rose Bowl win, two January Bowl games, a conference championship, beats two top five teams, one on the Road Seattle and PSU in the Rose Bowl. USC loses the third pick in the draft, Loses a great running back and their top reciever and has been decimated by Injuries and you are SURPRISED they are struggling. Wow. I just don’t get you Guys. There seems to be a herd mentality on this board regarding Helton And there are a lot of faux Trojans on this board. No way can a truly bad Coach do what Helton has done his first two years. With or without a Great quarterback. Doesn’t mean Helton is a great coach but he is no Dud either and NO ONE can guarantee his successor will be any Better.
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