You really really don't

By: NYTrojan

Are you familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect?  It's the psychological phenomenon that shows the less ability you have in a particular subject, the more you think you understand it.  Not only that, but the less you are even capable of understanding how little you really understand.

That’s you 66.  You don’t know the game or how to analyze it and you lack the facilities needed to understand how little you know. 

You approach the game at the very most primitive levels.  You’ve never exhibited any ability to dig deeper and when people DO you berate them as having too much time on their hands.  You avoid looking into the game and openly attack people who do.  You are hostile to the very idea of looking at something in detail.  Examining context.  For yourself or others.  The end result is someone who may very well have watched a lot of football, but has learned very little about it. 

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