Forgot about that - what happened

By: the909trojan

to him anyway? He slunked away for a while on tos after the "stanford of the west comment" and was somewhat more subdued when he came back but still kind of hyper. I assumed he was a HS kid based on the way he posted, like a damn puppy. Those were the good days then - both sc and ucla sucked so the smack was flowing. Well, good days for message boards, not so much for the product on the field. lol. The digs were comic gold. DERF - who I've met and is a good guy in real like - used to let it get under his skin. Hell, Oregon State had a poster roryhunter who would come in and make the funniest cracks against sc fans but it was clever and funny as fvck. We used to call him trannyhunter. And guyveloz was pre eftzoons and dreaming of ed o the sorcerer. Ah, the salad days of message boards. A lot more cross trffic between the schools back then, until tracy p got a little sensitive, with a lisp.

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