We are the needy blonde of

By: Conquest2000

college football.   Cannot handle rejection so we settle.  Del Rio wouldn't be a disasterous hire if his hiring came with some conditions.  He doesn't touch, talk to, think about, look at, or refer to the offense in any shape, way or form.   He is totally hands off and just concentrates on the defense, USC does a seperate assistant/OC coaching search.  Del Rio is not allowed to wear those stupid fucking leather jackets on the sidelines.  Awful look.  

I like Del Rio i just think his NFL mentaltiy on defense isn't going to serve him well versus the various college offenses he is going to face, the pac 12 shit show ref's which will screw a guy like Del Rio, and I am not sure he has the patience to put up with 18-22 year olds.  

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