Honest question for you Trojans...

By: LA Duck

What made Carroll so great at USC?

I'm old enough to remember the blowback here on the wildwest in 2001 when he was hired.

Seems like many of you had the same concerns--perhaps even more--with Carroll?

So what made it all work? His defensive prowess? Isn't that what Del Rio promises?

Can you find that magic again with an ex-NFL HC who doesn't scream slam-dunk hire?

Maybe it's just one of those things where you won't know it until you make an unconventional hire like with a Carroll (unconventional in the sense that he had no ties to SC, unlike Del Rio, and no one else really after him like both Del Rio and Carroll), and it all somehow just works out seemingly miraculously?

BTW, that's always been my point re SC--you Trojans don't need the amazing, can't-lose hire (a la Meyer at tOSU in 2012, or perhaps Chip Kelly at Oregon in 2009); you just need to make a semi-competent hire, and your recruiting will do the rest to get you back where you want to be--especially in a down pac-12 conference....just exactly like what happened with Carroll.

Or do I have that wrong somehow?

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