Del Rio would work at first.

By: Waldorf

He'd impress a lot of the kids with his NFL pedigree, because that's all they really care about.  I think that's what has made ASU initially successful with Sperm Edwards at the helm.  All of these dumbasses look at a former NFL coach and say, "He gonna get me in Da League! Duh!"  Fuck, even Mora got that kind of reaction from kids at first...until they found out he didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Del Rio would be an immediate upgrade over Gomer, but that's not saying much.  Trouble is, he'd have to learn how to be a college coach, and that's completely different from being an NFL coach.  Pom Pom was able to do it, doesn't mean that Del Rio could.  All that buttlicking jocksniffers, the suits in Heritage Hall, recruiting 24/7/52/365 -- it takes a special kind of guy to put up with all that bullshit.  Maybe JDR could do it, maybe not. 

If Heretic Hall is smart, they'd just let him do his thing, and if that includes not ballwashing the jocksniffers, so be it.  They'll cry, but fuck 'em.  Chip Kelly doesn't have to deal with it, and that's at UCLA.  No reason Del Rio would have to, unless the suits make him do it. 

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